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    Westfield Valley Fair Mall
    Address:2855 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Postal code:95128
    City:San José
    Country:United States of America
    Building ID:2127
    Address:Sölvegatan 18
    Postal code:22363
    Building ID:171
    Nova Lund
    Address:Företagsvägen 10
    Postal code:227 61
    Building ID:1120
    4 ways to 3D map your building for accurate indoor positioning

    1. Wi-Fis and BLE beacons data upload

    Upload a CSV-file with the exact location, including floor, of your Wi-Fis and Bluetooth beacons into our database. After a few minutes, our CPS API automatically switches to use your indoor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth locations when you are in the building.
    1. Log into your account on
    2. Go to ‘Tools’ section at bottom of page -> Click on ‘Indoor’
    3. Create a CSV-file with all your Wi-Fis and BLE beacons. See example how the file should be formatted.
    4. Go to ‘Upload CSV’ and upload your file.
    5. Go to map and verify your building. You can drag and drop to justify any Wi-Fis or beacons that are misplaced.
    6. Ready! CPS API will in a few minutes use your data for better indoor location.
    7. If accuracy is nog enough, you can add more Wi-Fis or BLE beacons to the building and insert them as above.

    2. Wi-Fis and BLE beacons input with App

    Upload your Wi-Fis and Bluetooth beacons with the exact location, by using our CPS Demo App into our database. After a few minutes, our CPS API automatically switches to use your Indoor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth locations when you are in the building.
    1. Download our Android App: Combain CPS
    2. Run App
    3. Go to Settings
    4. Check Input Indoor box
    5. Walk to a Wi-Fi or BT beacon
    6. When you are close to the transmitter a submit page will automatically appear
    7. Enter building, floor, room, comment and then choose Select On Map
    8. Zoom in as much as you can (better accuracy) and set the correct location of the transmitter
    9. Submit the data
    10. Go to next beacon and repeat
    11. Tip 1: Portal: You can verify and manage (move Wi-Fis etc) your new CPS Indoor model for your building on the portal if you log in and choose Indoor
    12. Tip 2: App: If you do not get the submit page or want to modify an entry in the App, you can also go to Details and then click on a Wi-Fi or BT beacon from the list to get to the submit page

    3. Indoor SLAM with Indoor Survey App

    SLAM =  Simulataneous Location And Mapping with our Android app. You can automatically create a much better indoor location automatically for a specific building by just walking around the building.
    CPSdemo Screenshot_2015-08-24-14-01-56 Screenshot_2015-08-24-14-01-06
    This is still work in progress but we have made a beta release for trials. We gather all the SLAM data from the app, apply our indoor algorithms and then the result will in the future be automatically uploaded to our database for use in CPS API. Thus our CPS API automatically switches to your Indoor SLAM models when you are in the building you have modeled.
    Contact Combain support if you are interested in using our Indoor Survey App for a trial in your building.

    4. Indoor SLAM with SDK

    Soon there will be an SDK for app developers to use that automatically gives an accurate 3D location in any building. Each time it has been used in a building, the more accurate the location will be.