Credits and Pricing

By purchasing credits here, you will have access to world largest cell-id and wifi database. One successful request to our API is one credit. A request can include just one cell, or several cells and/or wifis. If we receive multiple cells and/or wifis, we do a triangulation based on signal strength and returns the most likely position. If you need access to our premium support and customization services, please contact us for a separate quotation.
  • X-Small
    • 100€
  • Small
    • 200€
  • Large
    • 1000€
* All credits are valid for 12 months. We only charge for successful requests. We accept Mastercard and VISA.  payment_icons

Free Trial

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Premium Support

If you have any question in regards to our plans and pricing, don’t hesitate to contact our Support.

Subscription model

Interested in a subscription model? Please contact our Sales. Subscription models are suitable for volumes above 50 000 requests per month.

Terms of Use

You can cache request results for maximum one week to enable continuous tracking. Read full Terms of Use.
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