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MVNO's and connectivity providers

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MVNO’s and connectivity providers who want to increase their service portfolio

The benefits

Position your devices in an energy-efficient way without modifications to the hardware

The solution

Use Combain’s Location database to get the position of a device

Find assets all over the world

Global Outdoor geolocation with Combain ́s Positioning Solution

Cell-ID positioning

Cell ID location services are used to determine the location of a mobile device by identifying the cell tower to which it is connected. Common use cases for cell-id location services are emergency services, asset tracking, marketing, logistics, security, navigation, and more.

Using cell-id as a complement to GPS is a good alternative when you need energy efficiency for long battery lifetime of trackers or devices.

Companies require knowledge of the location of their devices to conduct asset or security checks. While GPS is the conventional method used for this purpose, it can be expensive and lead to rapid battery drainage. Moreover, GPS is limited by line-of-sight, rendering it ineffective for locating devices in enclosed spaces such as buildings. However, since high accuracy is not always essential for various business purposes, alternative solutions to GPS are required.

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Combain Location API  

Combain Location API helps you locate wireless connected devices. By submitting the radio signals in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the most likely geographical coordinates for that device.
Combain Location API = GPS but with lower cost, lower power, and also works indoor! Ideal for connected IoT and M2M devices

Indoor Positioning Services

Fast and easy to deploy since it uses existing WiFi and Bluetooth devices and algorithms to detect changes in the facility. After a building survey and modeling with Combain Indoor 3D tools, Traxmate provides floor level and room-level accuracy.

Combain On-Prem Location Server 

Combain On-Prem Location Server is server software you install in your own premises. The software will expose an API that will help you to locate wireless connected devices. By submitting cell-ids or Wi-Fi MAC addresses in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the geographical coordinates for that device.