Combain Positioning Solutions

- Indoor and outdoor positioning with world class accuracy
- Global coverage with 60M+ Cell-IDs in 195 countries
- Premium Support


Try our new seamless
indoor/outdoor positioning
by using Traxmate kits
Traxmate Kits

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Combain Location API

- Cloud-based API for positioning
- Submit Cell ID - get latitude and longitude
- Instant and accurate

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Indoor 3D Positioning

- Locate devices indoor using Cell ID, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
- Seamless indoor/outdoor
- Improved accuracy and floor


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Next Generation
IoT Asset Tracking:
Locate IT project

- Down to 1m accuracy
- Seamless indoor/outdoor
- Self-learning, better performance as it being used
- Using existing infrastructure
- Automatically adapts to changes

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Accurate global Cell ID and indoor Wi-Fi positioning. Complement or replace GPS in devices.

Cell ID

Use Cell ID to locate any mobile device with a GSM/WCDMA/CDMA modem. We have more than 120 million Cell IDs from more than 1000 operators in our database.


Use Wi-Fi for increased accuracy. A mobile device with Wi-Fi can be located indoors with an accuracy for around 5-10 meters.

Global coverage

We have global coverage with Cell IDs from 195 countries. Our global hitrate of Cell IDs is above 98%. Our indoor coverage for Wi-Fis increases every day. More buildings getting surveyed by using our tools.


GPS has no or limited coverage indoor. Use Cell ID, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for indoor positioning. Global coverage from day one. Upload your own data to further improve the accuracy.

We like numbers! This is Combain by numbers:

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Cell IDs
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One of the world's largest Cell ID databases

With more than 120 million Cell IDs we have one of the world’s largest available database for mobile positioning. Every day we receive millions of location updates improving our database and services to our customers.

World's best accuracy

Our positioning research since 2006 has resulted in advanced algorithms that gives you world’s best accuracy. Benchmarking results of Cell ID positioning median error are about 15-35% better than any other supplier. Our current research project has the target to come down below 2 meters accuracy for our indoor Wi-Fi positioning.

Premium support

We love our work and we love our customers. We always do our best to find solutions to meet our customers specific requirements.

Combain Products

Combain Location API

A cloud-based API where you submit Cell ID and Wi-FI data. We perform trilateration at our server side of the submitted data and reply with latitude and longitude. The Wi-Fi is used for indoor positioning and can provide floor and room level accuracy.

Combain Indoor Suite

Improve indoor location accuracy by using our Combain Indoor Suite tools.  Upload indoor data that is handled separately with indoor positioning algorithms when making look-ups through the Combain Location API.

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Within minutes  you will have an API key to test our service. Run our Combain API Demo app, available at Google Play, for an easy way to test and evaluate the service.