Enable state of the art accurate
indoor positioning in your facilities
Combain AI Indoor
Introducing the new

Focusing on

Organizations with large indoor areas which would benefit from an accurate indoor positioning service for asset tracking, indoor navigation or safety.

The benefits

Very accurate Indoor positioning solution in 3D using deep learning
Easy and cost-effective deployment using existing infrastructure

The solution

Combain AI Indoor is a very cost-effective way to create accurate indoor positioning in your facilities.

Accurate, real-time positioning easily deployed

Leveraging cutting-edge deep learning and AI technology, our patented machine learning algorithms and sensor fusion techniques deliver state of the art performance.

Demo from office environment, red = actual track, blue = Combain AI track

Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Combain AI Indoor is an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) that enables accurate location-based services inside buildings using AI technologies where GPS signals are weak or unavailable. The system uses existing Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi access points for positioning, so no new hardware or infrastructure is required, and implementation is straightforward and cost-effective. Combain AI Indoor includes tools to create and manage indoor positioning, including a portal to set up a building and an app to collect training data for the positioning system. After collecting training data, deep learning algorithms are used to create a building model. Once the building model is created and published, the indoor positioning is available to all devices via the Combain Location API.

Private & Secure:

Indoor positioning can be made available to all Combain Location API users or kept private for use only with your own API keys. For even greater privacy, it can be combined with Combain On-Prem Location Server to create a fully private positioning system running on your own servers.

Combain Enterprise Indoor features:

  • World class accuracy. The actual accuracy depends on building structure and beacon density, but normally 1-5m median error is obtained for public spaces. Using deep learning typically improves accuracy by at least 2x compared to traditional positioning methods.
  • Easy to deploy. Since the system uses existing infrastructure, the deployment step is just to survey the area to capture enough training data. No need for manual system set up or deployment of new routers or beacons like traditional indoor positioning systems.
  • On-line portal to create buildings, add indoor maps, routes for navigation, define rooms and add indoor features such as stairs, elevators and escalators.
  • On-line tools that for example shows estimated accuracy in different parts of the building, so that extra beacons can be added if desired accuracy is not met.
  • New Android app for survey and capture of training data. Alternatively, you can purchase a survey device from Combain as there are certain requirements on the mobile to capture training data efficiently (Android version, Wi-Fi throttling, etc.).

Indoor Positioning Applications:

Indoor positioning has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rise of indoor location-based services and the increasing demand for smart buildings and indoor navigation.

  • Asset Tracking: Combain AI Indoor can be used to track the location of assets, such as equipment and inventory, within a building. This can help businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency.
  • Indoor Navigation: Combain AI Indoor includes route management and can be used to provide users with turn-by-turn directions inside large buildings, such as airports, hospitals, and shopping malls.
  • Indoor Analytics: Combain AI Indoor can be used to collect data about how devices move through a building, such as which areas are the most crowded or which routes are the most commonly used. This data can be used to optimize building layouts and improve the user experience.
  • Proximity Marketing: Combain AI Indoor can be used to send targeted marketing messages to users based on their location within a building. For example, a retailer could send a promotion for a product to a user who is standing near that product in the store.
  • Security & Safety: Combain AI Indoor can be used to improve safety in buildings by alerting users to potential hazards or emergency exits. This can be especially important in large or complex buildings, such as hospitals, industrial or office buildings.

Overall, Combain AI Indoor positioning has the potential to enhance the user experience, improve efficiency, and increase safety in a variety of indoor settings.

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