195 countries

of 195 countries

>146 million

Cell Id:s

>132 billion


Combain AI Indoor
The Smartest Indoor Positioning Solution In The World
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Indoors and Outdoors

Seamless indoor and outdoor positioning

Private and Secure

Never share your location data with any third party

Global Coverage

>146 million cell-ids
>132 billion positions 195 of 195 countries

Create indoor and outdoor positioning solutions

 With one of the world´s largest and fastest growing positioning databases

Combain provides smart positioning solutions able to track any connected object in the world, outdoors and indoors.

The algorithms behind the world class accuracy are the result of more than a decade of research. Yet, using Combain Location API is as simple as a web search. Combain’s positioning solutions are deployed world-wide and used in many areas.

How does Combain´s Positioning solution work?

Device centric, just like GPS.


Combain location server calculates most probable location based on transmitter locations and signal strengths.

Same API for outdoor and indoor, same for local and global. Seamless positioning.

No need for any new infrastructure like beacons/gateways.

Using all existing transmitters in the building!

Our Products

Combain Location API  

Combain Location API helps you locate wireless connected devices. By submitting the serving cell-id of a cellular connected device to this API, it will respond with the geographical location for that device. In this way, it complements or replaces GPS in the devices. The API also supports indoor positioning for improved accuracy.

Combain On-Prem Location Server 

Combain On-Prem Location Server is a dockerized server software that you install on your server or computer. The software will expose the Combain Location API that will help you to locate wireless connected devices.

Combain AI Indoor

Combain Indoor is an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to enable accurate location-based services inside buildings where GPS signals are weak or unavailable. The system uses existing Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi access points for positioning, so no new hardware or infrastructure is required and implementation is very simple and cost- effective.

What’s your use case?

New Deep Learning based Indoor positioning

Video description:
  • A tracking device with scanning capabilities
  • Re-use of existing infrastructure
  • Client centric set-up (no infrastructure integration needed)
  • Result: 1.5 m median error
    2x better than standard RSSI based indoor positioning solutions

NOTE: Results can be further improved by installing additional Wi-Fi access points or by placing BLE beacons in desired areas.

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Combain Location API works Globally, Indoors and Outdoors without GPS