Indoor Positioning based on crowdsourcing
Combain Indoor

Focusing on

Anyone that needs indoor positioning but does not want to invest time and money in a proprietary indoor positioning system.

The benefits

Saving time and money by keeping track of equipment, goods and tools. Keeping staff safe.

The solution

Use Combain Location API with Combain Indoor positioning service to enable indoor positioning in your buildings.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning in all your buildings!

Combain Indoor is an indoor positioning system (IPS) that enables location-based services inside buildings where GPS signals are weak or unavailable. The system utilizes existing Bluetooth beacons and Wi-Fi access points for positioning, eliminating the need for new hardware or infrastructure.

Combain Indoor is based on crowdsourced indoor training data from our apps, SDKs, and partners. Patented algorithms are used to create a building model after collecting the training data. The indoor positioning is then made available to all devices via the Combain Location API after creating and publishing the building model.

Indoor positioning is available for all Combain Location API users using Combain Indoor.  Combain Indoor is not enabled by default for Combain Location API keys as there has to be enough training data for the building to work well.  

Combain Indoor features:

  • Ready to use: The system is normally ready to use for public buildings since it uses existing infrastructure and crowdsourcing, and manual system setup or deployment of new routers or beacons like traditional indoor positioning systems is not required.
  • Good accuracy: The actual accuracy of Combain Indoor depends on building and beacon density, but typically, a median error of 5-20m is obtained for public buildings. The accuracy can be improved by at least 2x through extra crowdsourcing by using the Combain SDK Demo App. If you need a better accuracy than 10m, check out the Combain Enterprise Indoor solution.
  • Combain SDK Demo App and Android SDK are available for free for your own crowdsourcing of indoor training data that enhance Combain Indoor performance.

Mobile with SDK being positioned in an office in 3D with 3m median error

Smart Buildings with Indoor Asset Management 

Indoor positioning has become increasingly important in recent years due to the rise of indoor location-based services and the increasing demand for smart buildings.

Combain Indoor can be used for the following applications:

  • Asset Tracking: It can track the location of assets, such as equipment and inventory, within a building, which can help businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency.
  • Indoor Analytics: It can collect data about how devices move through a building, such as which areas are the most crowded or which routes are the most commonly used. This data can be used to optimize building layouts and improve the user experience.
  • Proximity Marketing: It can send targeted marketing messages to users based on their location within a building. For example, a retailer could send a promotion for a product to a user who is standing near that product in the store.
  • Security & Safety: It can improve safety in buildings by alerting users to potential hazards or emergency exits. This can be especially important in large or complex buildings, such as hospitals, industrial or office buildings.

Overall, Combain Indoor has the potential to enhance the user experience, improve efficiency, and increase safety in a variety of indoor settings.

If you need a complete indoor and asset management system, check out Traxmate.

Want to know how we can help you?

The Solutions

Combain Location API  

Combain Location API helps you locate wireless connected devices. By submitting the radio signals in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the most likely geographical coordinates for that device.
Combain Location API = GPS but with lower cost, lower power, and also works indoors! Ideal for connected IoT and M2M devices

Combain Enterprise Indoor

Fast and easy to deploy since it uses existing WiFi and Bluetooth devices and algorithms to detect changes in the facility. No investments in new infrastructure! Create the indoor positioning yourself with Combain Enterprise Indoor tools.

Combain 5G Positioning Engine 

Combain 5G Positioning Engine enables accurate positioning in 5G networks.