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Combain Mobile AB, a leader in accurate Cell ID and WiFi positioning, is excited to announce a partnership with Mozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web.

Combain will provide fallback services for Mozilla’s Location Service, allowing them to send location queries that don’t meet an acceptable level of accuracy to Combain for further refinement. Additionally, the two companies will exchange data gathered from their community stumbling efforts.
“We are excited to work with Mozilla and provide world class coverage and accuracy for Mozilla’s Location Service” said Bjorn Lindquist, CEO Combain Mobile. “With Mozilla’s data and our new positioning algorithms, we will be able to further improve Combain Positioning Service (CPS), which in turn will benefit all Firefox and Firefox OS users globally.”

Mozilla launched its Mozilla Location Service in 2013, and has been growing its map of the world through the stumbling efforts of a community of volunteers and through data exchange partnerships. Volunteers interested in contributing to the effort to improve Mozilla Location Service are encouraged to turn on geolocation stumbling in their Firefox for Android browser, or install the Mozilla Stumbler app from the Play Store.

“This deal is a perfect alignment with Mozilla’s goals – to grow a community database that will enable companies like Combain to focus on leveraging their algorithmic work for superior results” said Mark Mayo, Mozilla VP for Cloud Services. “Meanwhile, Combain helps us provide a better geolocation service.”

Mozilla Location Service enables today geolocation across desktop and mobile devices. Geolocation based on Cell ID and WiFi is also ideal for the growing M2M (Machine to machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) markets, where low cost, small size, low power and indoor coverage are essential. Combain targets CPS to be the leading geolocation solution for these markets by continued location algorithm research and creating world´s largest available Cell ID and WiFi database.

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About Combain

Combain is a world leading provider of positioning solutions for M2M and IoT devices. Combain has one of the world’s largest databases of Cell IDs and WiFis that are used for accurate indoor and outdoor geolocation of connected devices. The database includes more than 54 million Cell IDs and 470 million WiFis from more than 200 countries. The Combain Positioning Service is provided as a cloud-based API. Combain has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden and serves customers world-wide.
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