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Combain Mobile AB, a leader in accurate Cell ID and WiFi positioning, is excited to announce the launch of a new open and free service called myThinx for keeping track of all your valuable things (=Thinx). The myThinx app can register any WiFi or Bluetooth device and then keep track of it automatically. One smart app to keep track of all your Thinx.

MyThinx is a new open and free service to keep track of your things. The idea is to use myThinx app to register any WiFi or Bluetooth device and then track it. The location of the device is anonymously updated as soon as anyone within myThinx community is within reach of the device. If a device is marked as lost, the user will be notified as soon as the device has been spotted and received a new location.

“Our vision is to enable people to locate any valuables anywhere, and myThinx is a great initiative to achieve this.” said Bjorn Lindquist, CEO Combain Mobile. “We can leverage our Combain Positioning Service (CPS) and the huge amount of location data we already receive every day to ensure quality of the myThinx service.”

Tracking valuables with Bluetooth is becoming popular, and with new Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard (BLE), a small battery Bluetooth key ring can operate for more than one year. There are already some new tracking services available for purchase, but all build on proprietary technologies and cannot track other devices. All tracking services also rely on having a big community for locating lost devices. MyThinx service is for free, can use any WiFi or Bluetooth device and will build on users downloading the app to join the myThinx community. Today only Android app is available but plans are to launch soon also for iOS.

“We are excited to support myThinx as a free and open service for Android and iPhone users globally. This is the first tracking service that works with any WiFi or Bluetooth device.” said Rikard Windh VP Business Development. “By supporting myThinx community and run the service for free, we improve location quality and promote our premium ThinxMate service which is targeted companies and professional users.”

For companies and professional users, Combain offers a customizable IoT management cloud service called ThinxMate. ThinxMate includes tracking, but also much more functionality such as geofencing, data handling, alarm, SMS notifications, etc.

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