How does it work?

We use cell-id and wifi for mobile positioning. Our customers have a need to locate mobile devices. A typical method for mobile positioning is by using GPS. But GPS has no or very limited coverage indoor. GPS also requires extra hardware and consume extra power that is sensitve for battery powered devices. Instead of GPS we use cell-id and wifi. The cell-id is a unique id sent out from celltowers in 2G/3G networks. For wifi we are using the unique mac address (SSID and BSSID) that are sent out from wifi hotspots.
Combain CPS API
We provide access to a database with millions of positioned cell-ids and wifi mac addresses. We receive all this information from customers and partners that are sending us cell-ids and wifis togheter with GPS coordinates. From all the data we receive, we calculate a position for the cell-id and the wifi. The access to our database is through a web-based API. By sending us an HTTP request including cell-id or wifi data we return the latitude and longitude parameters for the actual position. So to use our service you need access to the cell-id and wifi data from the device you would like to locate.

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