Gemalto’s On-Demand GeoLocation Service

Gemalto’s On-Demand GeoLocation Service delivers anytime, anywhere geolocation data independent of traditional GNSS that meets a wide variety of M2M application needs. The positioning service, working both indoors and outdoors, is offered in partnership with Combain Mobile AB, who holds one of the world ́s largest databases with more than 70 million cell-IDs in more than 200 countries.

Embedded in a variety of Gemalto Cinterion® M2M Modules, the geolocation solution supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, including LTE Cat. 1. It is Mobile Network Operator (MNO) agnostic and provides global coverage across country and network borders.

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  • Small Prepaid
    25 000Requests
    • 100€
  • Medium Prepaid
    100 000Requests
    • 300€
  • Large
    • 1000€
* All credits are valid for 12 months. We only charge for successful requests. We accept Mastercard and VISA.  payment_icons

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