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Today we celebrate more than 1B unique WiFi access points (APs) in our database!
CPS is still the largest available WiFi database: Wikipedia WiFi Positioning

We started to collect WiFi APs in small scale already in 2009 when we started our company, but did not offer our popular WiFi location service until 2012.
With 1B WiFi APs and 26B positions, it does not just give a great positioning service, there are lots of other interesting data that can be derived.

For example:
How many APs change SSIDs? Answer: About 7%
How many APs are mobile APs, like trains, buses, iPhones, Androids, …? Answer: About 10% and growing
How many Fon APs are there in Japan? Answer: more than 1M!

We thank all contributors of WiFi AP data, this service would not be possible without you! Skål!

Combain Team

PS. If you want to help us collect next billion WiFi APs and receive free lookups, just download our Location-API Android app and register an account. DS
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